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  Modern Hardware

SiteTide uses only Enterprise-Class-Hardware for best performance and reliability.

  Great Connectivity

Select one of many different service locations with strong network connectivity.


Never worry about downtime,
with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

  Easy Scalability

Effortlessly grow from an entry-level plan up to cloud-hosting as your project expands.

  Maximum Control

Take control and manage your service with our modern, feature-rich control panel.

  Expert Support

Fast Human Based Support, no chatbots.
Enjoy Support direct from a Technician.

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Our Datacenter Locations

Improve latency and performance by choosing a location that is close to your clients!

Kansas-City, US

Located in the heart of the USA, Kansas city is the choice for those seeking great network access and performance all across the United States

Improve your Websites performance in the US by selecting Kansas-City as your hosting location.

Spring(TX), US

Looking to optimise connectivity and performance with a clear focus on the the south, south-west and east-coast?

Then Spring (TX) is the best location for your Website.

Vienna, Austria

Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna offers the best performance for those with a client-base all across europe.

Improve your Websites latency in Europe and performance by choosing Vienna as your Hosting destination.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Featuring impressive connectivity all across Europe and low latency to clients in the United Kingdom.

Amsterdam is one of the best choices when it comes to web-hosting in europe.

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