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About SiteTide

Who, What, When. SiteTide?

Established in the South of England, we created SiteTide because we wanted to bring forth an innovative new managed web hosting service dedicated to excellent customer service and superior quality content. SiteTide provides the freedom of managed web hosting or management to individuals and companies on a plan-based system which ranges from £1.99 / month depending on what you need from us. We strive to provide a first-class experience for all our clients; achieved through our outstanding 24/7 customer support service and professional management team.

We at SiteTide aim to make a splash in the web hosting community, by reassuring our clientele that they should only settle for the best. No matter your needs we are here to help you every step of the way to achieve and maintain your website goals. Why not drop anchor at SiteTide and we’ll show you service that is waves above the competition.

Jamie Mill

CEO & Founder

Born with entrepreneurship in his blood, Jamie has been in all sectors of the hosting industry for years before starting SiteTide. With his skills in management and marketing he really is pushing the company.

Harry Davies

Customer Relations Manager

Harry has been working with us for several years and has an excellent charismatic personality which is sure to set you at ease if you have any questions or problems during your time with us at SiteTide.

Jack Rhodes

Brand Manager

With years of experience under his belt, Jack is dedicated to push the brand and think of innovate ways to expand the company. He spends most of his time working on the brand and providing support to clients.

Sam Robins

Tier III Support

Sam has worked for SiteTide for many years dedicated to provide quality support to clients. With his friendly personality you can be assured he'll always go the extra mile in dealing with any issues you face.

James Powell

Tier II Support

James has well over 5 years experience in the hosting industry, this has led to a vast knowledge in all areas of the hosting world. James spends most of his time tinkering with the lastest computer setup.

Brad Johnson

Tier II Support

Brad has been a long term Staff member of SiteTide and has been here since the start, he loves chocolate and helping customers with any issues they might have. Pop onto live chat and say hey! He would like that.

Jordan Smith

Tier II Support

Jordan is a new addition to the team and with years of experience in the industry he's dedicated in providing the best possible support for clients. He spends most of his time setting and upgrading our network.

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